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Chest Pain - MI Registry

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For more than a decade, the Chest Pain - MI Registry™ has been the single, most trusted source for outcomes-based, continuous quality improvement and remains the go-to registry for hospitals and health systems applying American College of Cardiology (ACC) and American Heart Association (AHA) clinical guideline recommendations. With expanded data capture and flexibility, you can customize your use of the registry to meet your needs!

Being a part of this collaborative network offers the opportunity to submit only STEMI patients or now include low-risk and unstable angina patients to help you recognize how to reduce variations and deliver guideline care.

In addition, the registry fully supports the data requirements for ACC's Chest Pain Center Accreditation and ACC's Chest Pain Center Certification program and offers a streamlined approach to achieve your accreditation.

Chest Pain - MI Registry

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By joining the Chest Pain - MI Registry, you can:

  • Receive real-time data available using interactive dashboards, including hospital performance on the 2017 ACC/AHA Clinical Performance and Quality Measures for Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI)
  • Fulfill Chest Pain Center Accreditation or Chest Pain Center Certification requirements using Chest Pain - MI Registry as a data source
  • Gain national and local recognition through the Chest Pain - MI Registry Performance Achievement Awards program 
  • Collaborate with multiple providers and specialties who play an important role in managing patient care, including Emergency Department (ED) clinicians and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers 
  • Showcase your hospital’s commitment to continuous quality improvement by publicly reporting data on specific quality measures via Find Your Heart a Home. This free online tool allows patients and caregivers to search and compare hospitals by location and services. Hospital profile pages reflect the same data registry site managers input into their NCDR site profile. Learn more about ACC’s public reporting program and look for your hospital’s Find Your Heart a Home profile page.
  • Review your hospital’s 30-day Risk Standardized AMI Mortality. Chest Pain – MI Registry data has been linked to the National Death Index (NDI) to provide hospitals information on post-discharge outcomes in a 30-day Risk Standardized AMI Mortality report.

Expanded data capture and reporting for all your patients

With the Chest Pain – MI Registry Version 3, you’ll get:

  • Broader Scope that includes low-risk and unstable angina patients –  to help reduce variations in care through risk stratification and evaluation of hospital performance in delivering guideline recommended care
  • Greater Flexibility providing fewer data fields and different ways to evaluate and benchmark your data, including Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC)
  • Single Data Source with streamlined data entry and monitoring, and trending for Chest Pain Center Accreditation
  • Collaborative Options for the wider CV team including pre-hospital providers, EMTs, ER providers and others caring for at-risk patients with chest pain

Key Information About the Chest Pain - MI Registry

You can:

  • Meet state requirements that have adopted the Chest Pain - MI Registry as their state-level measurement and reporting source.
  • Showcase your hospital on ACC’s patient website, CardioSmart.org, where patients and caregivers use the “Find Your Heart a Home” tool for information on cardiovascular services.
  • Take advantage of the NCDR’s free, online data collection tool, or retain the option to choose among nine certified vendors to automate data capture (ARMUS, Axis Clinical, CardioPulse, Cedaron Medical, heartbase, LUMEDX, Navion, Q-Centrix and Quintiles)
  • Receive one-to-one support from experienced cardiovascular nurses.
  • Stay up to date on the latest NCDR research publications, providing valuable insight on the delivery and outcomes of cardiovascular care provided by Chest Pain - MI Registry hospitals.
  • Unlimited, free access to ACC’s Quality Improvement for Institutions campaigns and toolkits that help measure care and achieve quality improvement goals.
The Chest Pain – MI Registry, like the entire NCDR registry suite, uses standardized, evidence-based data elements and definitions.

The Chest Pain – MI Registry supports a variety of data entry and submission options, including a complimentary online data collection tool or data collection through a certified third-party software vendor. View the list of certified software vendors.

The Chest Pain - MI Registry offers a wealth of reporting options to support your facility’s ongoing quality improvement, including:

  • An online portal allows you to view your Institutional Outcomes Reports and use the interactive dashboard e-reports to review a summary of performance measures and quality metrics.
  • A dashboard that provides weekly trending data showing your facility’s performance, highlighting areas for improvement and providing the capability to drill down to patient-level data.
  • Quarterly benchmark reports comparing your institution's performance with a national aggregate and including executive summaries that offer a high-level review or an at-a-glance assessment.
State and county agencies working at the regional level to coordinate, monitor and drive high quality care processes and outcomes for MI patients in conjunction with other local data sources can now align hospital efforts with a national data source through the NCDR eReports State online dashboard tool. The dashboard includes national, state and regional comparison groups. For more information and a product demonstration, email NCDRCorpSolutions@acc.org and include the subject line: "NCDR eReports State."


NCDR eReports Health Systems is NCDR’s online business intelligence data report, which provides a multi-hospital view into the quality of cardiovascular care being provided within a specific health system. Learn more about NCDR eReports Health Systems.

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