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An Online Tool to Enhance Clinical Practice and Patient Outcomes

Stay fully up to date with the recently expanded QII Learning Center. Users can now access even more courses that cover topics beyond just the NCDR registries. This educational resource is free for participants and will help answer to your quality improvement questions to ensure you get the most out of the registries and quality improvement tools available.

Plus, free credit is available upon completion of each course. This learning on demand resource covers topics such as:

  • Overviews and enrollment
  • Website administration, resources and data
  • Data collection tools and quality resources
  • Outcome reports and dashboards

Explore our newest courses:

  • ICD Registry Metric #27 - How Gaps in the Guidelines are Addressed in the AUC
  • Understanding the LAAO Registry Follow-Up Process

Additional courses are continually added to help you enhance clinical practice and patient outcomes. The following courses will be coming soon:

  • CathPCI Metric #1 - PCI In-Hospital Risk Adjusted Mortality
  • CathPCI Metric #39 - PCI In-Hospital Risk Adjusted Acute Kidney Injury- All Patients
  • CathPCI Metric #45 - Cardiac Rehab Referral
  • Chest Pain - MI - Mastering Performance Composite Measures
  • STS/ACC TVT Metrics 2-3 - 30 Day Follow-Up - Metric 2 and Metric 3: Where To Go When Things Go Wrong

Getting started is simple. You no longer need follow extra steps and clicks to access the learning center. Now, you can easily navigate to all courses available in the QII Learning Center. Click here to log in with your standard username and password to start now.


Please note, accreditation participants who are currently participating in a NCDR registry, have access to the QII Learning Center. If you are an accreditation participant not affiliated with any NCDR registry at this time, you will be able to access the QII Learning Center in Q1 of 2021.

QII Learning Center Instructions and FAQs

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