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Taking Science to the Bedside

Taking Science to the Bedside™

We take a lead role in sharing quality practices that optimize the care and outcomes of patients with cardiovascular disease worldwide through innovative cross-disciplinary processes and education by Taking Science to the Bedside™.

Building Better Care Processes

Accomplishing great objectives demands reliable resources, thoughtful collaboration, and outstanding dedication. Our vision and strategy are a product of the important work of many talented physicians, nurses, and educators. Our accreditation staff has gained knowledge, insight, and leadership through their own clinical experience and accomplishments. Very different from most certifying bodies that review hospital metrics and score facilities, ACC requires that multidisciplinary teams be established and grants accreditations to facilities that implement and track sustainable quality improvement — improvement that will continue long after the site review is conducted. Learn more about how achieving accreditation can improve CV care processes.

Building Awareness Because Every Heart Matters™

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