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NCDR eReports EMS

This new reporting product provides EMS agencies with information from the Chest Pain - MI Registry on the care and outcomes of their AMI patients. Using their EMS agency’s state ID number, EMS agencies can assess their own performance along with the receiving hospital and their combined efforts as a system of care.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ability to generate reports across all of the EMS agency’s destination hospitals that are participating in the CHEST PAIN - MI Registry.
  • See local data compared to national aggregate values
  • Snapshot or time series views
  • EMS and system of care performance metrics, including:
    • STEMI (pre-admit) Symptoms to Arrival
    • STEMI (pre-admit) Time to First ECG
    • STEMI ECG Pre-Hospital (ECG to treatment)
    • STEMI (pre-admit) Time to Treatment
    • STEMI (pre-admit) Total Ischemia Time (available as a separate report)
    • STEMI (transferred in) Time to Treatment
  • Weekly data refresh


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