Quality Improvement for Institutions

ACC National Quality Improvement (NQI) Campaigns target specific gaps in quality by motivating widespread adoption of evidence-based practices to improve quality of care. ACC’s NQIs are agnostic as to the overall QIs method such as Lean, Six Sigma, Breakthrough Series, and PDSA. Learn more about the relationship between NCDR registries and quality campaigns.

Current Campaigns

Ongoing Campaigns & Resources

Reduce the Risk: PCI Bleed

Minimize PCI-associated bleeding risks.

Patient Navigator Program: Focus MI

Establish a personalized, team-based approach to reducing hospital readmissions.

Surviving MI

Improve hospital organizational culture and reduce 30-day mortality from heart attacks.


Reduce cardiovascular-related hospital readmissions and improve transitions of care.


Improve the timeliness of reperfusion therapy for patients with heart attacks.


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