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The National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR®) is the ACC’s suite of cardiovascular data registries helping hospitals and private practices measure and improve the quality of care they provide.

Learn about the NCDR’s suite of registries
Cardiology’s most established, comprehensive registry offering, the NCDR consists of eight hospital-based registries and two outpatient registries.

Learn about the benefits of participating
NCDR participation benefits individual providers, care teams and administrators. The NCDR offers the most relevant data elements and metrics, actionable reports, voluntary public reporting and other opportunities to do even more with your data through quality improvement programs.

Learn about data collection
NCDR registries cover a wide range of clinical topics and cardiovascular procedures, with each registry featuring standardized, evidence-based data elements and definitions. Options for data collection vary based on your setting.

Learn about NCDR research
Limited datasets from the NCDR’s vast repository of clinical data are available for cardiovascular research. NCDR data holds answers to complex questions about patient risk factors and outcomes, procedure and treatment trends, adherence to guidelines, device use and performance, and facility and provider characteristics.

Learn about NCDR Analytic and Reporting Solutions
The NCDR offers eReports Corporate, an online business intelligence data report for hospital and health systems, private health insurance payers and other stakeholders to access tailored NCDR reports. Additionally, the NCDR’s custom analytic solutions provide custom-made analysis on many issues including safety, effectiveness and quality.

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