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CARTA Healthcare Atlas

Unlock the Power of Your Data
Maximize the Benefits of the NCDR


To meet the high demands placed on hospitals, the American College of Cardiology is collaborating with Carta Healthcare, a premier health care analytics company, to assist hospitals with improving the efficiency of NCDR® data abstraction through automation.

Carta Healthcare’s Atlas data abstraction solution uses artificial intelligence to translate your data from clinical notes and medical records into recommendations.  It then auto-fills fields, assisting abstractors so they can process registry cases with greater efficiency.

With Carta Healthcare’s Atlas, you can:

  • Give your clinicians more time to focus on patient care
  • Drive clinical insights through faster, reliable data collection
  • Automate and simplify data collection for registry completion
  • Process more cases with your current budget and clear up any backlog of cases

Collecting and aggregating reliable and relevant data to improve patient outcomes through the NCDR has never been more urgent or critical. Take advantage of this special offer to leverage AI to optimize your operational efficiencies today.  

To learn more, visit carta.healthcare/NCDR.

Contact Carta Healthcare today to take advantage of AI technology to unlock the value of your data and maximize the benefits of the NCDR for your facility.

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