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NCDR’s investigator-lead research and publications process allows investigators to submit research proposals based on analysis of limited datasets from the registries.

Research proposals are intended for hypothesis-driven studies based upon secondary analysis of NCDR data, with the intent to develop manuscripts suitable for peer-reviewed publication. Actual datasets are not released.

Proposed studies require the completion of a formal research proposal application (RPA) through the NCDR’s online research management system. When an investigator submits an RPA, the proposed project enters the NCDR Research and Publications (R&P) pipeline. Submitted proposals are reviewed for scientific merit and undergo a competitive approval process for NCDR funding, which is used to support analysis conducted by an NCDR-contracted data analytic center.

The NCDR R&P pipeline process includes:

  1. Proposal review, approval and prioritization by the appropriate NCDR Research and Publication Subcommittees
  2. Analysis by an NCDR-designated analytic center
  3. Oversight of manuscript and abstract preparation and submission

Learn more about this process and the steps for submitting a research proposal for research based on the NCDR hospital registries.

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