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Certified NCDR Software Vendor IMPACT Registry Chest Pain - MI Registry PVI Registry CathPCI Registry ICD Registry AFib Registry
ARMUS Corporation Certified 04/21/2017 Certified on 12/03/2018
Validated for Aux Covid-19
Certified October 18, 2017 Certified v5 04/04/2018
Validated for Aux Covid-19
*Metric License
+Risk Model License
Certified 08/05/2016
*Metric License
Certified 08/05/2016
*Metric License
Axis Clinical Software, Inc. Certified 08/24/2016 Certified on 12/17/2018 Certified 11/07/2014 Certified v5 04/17/2018
*Metric License
Certified 05/27/16
*Metric License
Certified 07/29/2016
*Metric License
BayaTree, LLC Certified v5 04/09/2018
Validated for Aux Covid-19
Certified 05/24/16 Certified 09/09/2016
CardioAccess, Inc. Certified 06/03/2016
CardioPulse Certified on 02/28/2019
Validated for Aux Covid-19
Certified v5 05/21/2018
Validated for Aux Covid-19
Certified 09/08/2016 Certified 10/18/2017
Cedaron Medical, Inc. Certified 01/15/2016
+Risk Model License
Certified on 12/12/2018
Validated for Aux Covid-19
*Metric License
+Risk Model License
Certified 06/03/2014
*Metric License
+Risk Model License
Certified v5 04/02/2018
Validated for Aux Covid-19
*Metric License
+Risk Model License
Certified 05/25/16
*Metric License
+Risk Model License
Certified 07/13/2016
*Metric License
Epic Certified v5 03/23/2018 Certified 04/28/2016 Certified 04/12/2017
FIGmd Inc. Certified on 03/14/2019 Certified 05/14/2018 Certified 05/14/2018
Flexible Informatics 09/28/2018 Certified 07/13/2017 Certified 07/25/2017
GE Healthcare Certified v5 02/16/2018 Certified 07/07/16 Certified 07/12/2016
heartbase 11/28/2018 Certified on 12/21/2018
Validated for Aux Covid-19
Certified 06/18/2014 Certified v5 03/14/2018
Validated for Aux Covid-19
*Metric License
Certified 06/08/16 Certified 08/03/2016
Infinitt Healthcare Ltd. Certified v5 04/25/2018
Juniper Consulting Group Certified v5 04/20/2018 Certified 05/24/16 Certified 11/10/2016
LUMEDX Certified 03/17/2016 Certified on 02/05/2019
Validated for Aux Covid-19
Certified 05/11/2015 Certified v5 04/02/2018
Validated for Aux Covid-19
*Metric License
Certified 08/10/16
*Metric License
Certified 12/22/2016
*Metric License
Navion Healthcare Solutions Certified on 12/06/2018
Validated for Aux Covid-19
*Metric License
Certified 05/22/2018
Validated for Aux Covid-19
*Metric License
Certified 08/09/16
*Metric License
Certified 04/19/2017
*Metric License
Q-Centrix Certified on 12/13/2018
*Metric License
Certified v5 03/29/2018
*Metric License
Certified 11/22/2016
*Metric License
Certified 10/12/2017
*Metric License
Quantros, Inc. Certified v5 04/13/2018
Scientific Software Solutions, Inc. Certified 02/05/2016
SoftLink International Inc. Certified v5 04/09/2018 Certified 05/26/2016 Certified 05/26/2016
*Metric License- denotes that the vendor has purchased a license to obtain algorithms consistent with the NCDR Outcomes Reports.
+Risk Model License- denotes that the vendor has purchased a license to obtain Risk Models developed for the NCDR Registries.

ARMUS Corporation



Contact us at: 800-94-ARMUS
Learn more at: armus.com

We help transform data into learning management systems…

Since 1992, ARMUS has partnered with healthcare professionals to provide numerous technology solutions and services to advance the practice of medicine and patient care. We are driven by our passion to help our clients enhance quality and efficiency improvements for their patients.

We believe that timely and accurate interpretation of clinical information can improve the quality of healthcare. Registries and the visualization of data can guide clinicians to determine new patient care processes and clinical guidelines using evidence based clinical and financial data.

ARMUS' HYBRID Patient Centric Registry platform provides:

    • Single User-Interface for all CV specialties to share data across registries at the patient level
    • Data integration and built-in hemodynamic monitoring (GE, Philips, McKesson, Siemens, MERGE, Fuji, others), ADT and EMR interfaces to reduce data burden
    • Comparative reports to detect differences in outcomes and clinical practice for Performance Improvement
    • HIPAA and SOC II annual third party audits and security assessment to give you peace of mind that ARMUS has rigorous controls in place to protect and manage your data

Through StarMetrix, our new Visual Reporting Platform, CV service line and data managers can quickly assemble management reports and identify areas for improvement. It facilitates iterative learning, continuous improvement and clinical transformation.

ARMUS supports ALL current and previous STS and ACC data versions, prediction algorithms, definitions and validation rules in one database, allowing longitudinal analysis for quality improvement and/or research.

Additional Cardiovascular Registries include: STS Adult Cardiac Surgery and General Thoracic Surgery Databases, AHA GWTG-CAD, and State Registries for California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Washington.

Key to the success of ARMUS has been our collaboration with our clients. We are committed to addressing client needs while helping them deliver better patient care.
Contact us today to schedule a demonstration and learn how you and your team can transform data into better patient outcomes.

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Axis Clinical Software, Inc.



Axis has been dedicated to clinical outcomes software for decades, to help healthcare professionals analyze and improve outcomes. Our software, PATS® is the most powerful software available for tracking, analyzing, reporting and showcasing outcomes data. Conceived in the early 1970s by a renowned cardiac physician, and commercialized in 1980, PATS® has endured as both the industry pioneer and frontrunner.

PATS® is certified for the ACC NCDR CathPCI, ICD, ACTION, IMPACT Registries and offers registry interoperability. PATS® supports interfacing and integration with other hospital and cath lab systems. Users may add as many of their own data fields as they desire, position them in any section, and in any sequence. All fields are available for reporting and analysis. Our software facilitates data collection, validation, internal reporting and analysis, and accurate data harvest and submission. Our support and maintenance is comprehensive and not only helps you with day-to-day issues and harvests, but provides smooth, seamless transition to new registry versions as they are released.

PATS® is also certified for the STS Adult Cardiac Surgery, General Thoracic Surgery and Congenital Heart Surgery database programs and several State Registries. PATS® supports Vascular Registry modules (Peripheral Arterial, Aortic Aneurysm, Cerebrovascular, Renovascular, Peripheral Venous and AV Dialysis Access).

With PATS®, users also have the ability to build and maintain an unlimited number of separate and discrete data registries (such as AMI, cardiac rehabilitation, CHF, coronary thrombosis, electrophysiology, pacemaker, and echocardiography), as well as user-defined registries. There are no pre-requisites and no restrictions.

PATS® is the only application of its kind capable of supporting outcomes data management across an entire enterprise -- every area of specialty -- scalable to any number of sites, departments and users, with special utilities exclusively for health systems and integrated delivery networks.

PATS® is equipped with on-board tools for design, collection, entry, validation, cleanup, monitoring, auditing, mining, analysis, reporting, graphing and presentation of data. PATS® will easily integrate with other programs for presentation and further reporting.

All PATS® tools are structured for optimum ease of use, regardless of computer or database aptitude. They do not require complex technical query writing, programming or Boolean operators. The point-and-click design allows anyone to go from novice to expert in no time! Contact Axis for more information.

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BayaTree, LLC

(801) 386-5075


The Internet-based BayaTree eCardio Cardiovascular Solution supports clinical, administrative and outcomes information needs of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. This scalable and flexible suite is available both as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and installable software. Its workflow-centered approach improves data management practices, supporting quality improvement, patient safety, and regulatory compliance for organizations of any size. The solution is fully certified by both the American College of Cardiology (CathPCI and ICD) and the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (Adult Cardiac, General Thoracic, and Congenital Surgery) for use by participants.

BayaTree eCardio captures, reports, tracks and integrates key clinical information such as diagnoses, procedures, Admission/Discharge/Transfers (ADT), medications, labs and notes. It allows physicians to track credible, risk-adjusted performance indicators. A single, comprehensive patient record is used across all encounters and modalities to reduce data entry and increase accuracy. Multi-facility security enables healthcare providers with multiple locations to share information and reports in real time. BayaTree eCardio also supports data mining, delivering meaningful outcomes reports to physicians in a timely fashion in support of patient care. Because it enables physicians to take ownership over their own continuous quality improvement, it plays an important role in improving the quality/cost equation for cardiac care.

    • Interfaces: Integrates with any external software application using HL7 standards • Reporting: Custom and ad-hoc reporting for outcomes analysis • Mobile Apps: Auto-population of Registry Forms via Mobile Apps • Security: HIPAA and CFR Part 11 compliant • Customization: Easy creation of additional registries and clinical databases

BayaTree offers a full suite of cost-effective Cardiovascular, Thoracic, Transplant, Renal, Registry, and Interoperability solutions. We are committed to provide premium products and services to our customers. www.bayatree.com

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CardioAccess, Inc.

(954) 438-0885



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Streamline your abstraction process with Intelligent Business Solutions' CardioPulse. Using interoperability and intelligent interfaces CardioPulse provides much of the heavy lifting in mapping qualified clinical fields within the EMR to the appropriate fields within the STS and ACC-NCDR National registry databases. In addition, CardioPulse incorporates savvy audit tools, quick reports, and easy navigation to further enhance and hone the user experience.


The CardioPulse Physician Reporting solution for CT Surgery and Cardiology leverages the same great interface technology to create in depth and timely structured reports. A real time structured report improves patient care, quality reporting, workflow and can reduce the cost of care.


Smart dashboards, a powerful analytics engine and an easy to use research tool give our clients the power to explore their data for internal research and quality improvement.


To find out how CardioPulse can streamline and empower your quality program contact us at 877-833-7570, email us at sales@thesolutions .com, or contact us via our website at https:// thesolutions.com/ contact/contactus/.

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Cedaron Medical, Inc.



Cedaron Medical, Inc. was founded in 1990 with a NASA SBIR Grant used to develop an outcomes measurement tool for astronaut hand function during space flight. Since then, Cedaron has been dedicated to providing industry leading software solutions to meet the clinical and business needs of many medical environments. Cedaron has been an NCDR and STS Certified Vendor since 1998, and today our registry software CardiacCare is used around the world. Cedaron offers all of the registries from both Societies including AUC And AQM. We also have a relationship with AHA for the Stroke and Heart Failure Registries and GWTG Mission Life-Line.

CardiacCare interfaces with your CVIS/ Hemodynamic Systems and if needed with your ADT for minimal manual entry. Cedaron is certified for interoperability between registries, and data is validated at point of entry or during the transmission from the Hemodynamic System. There are data completeness checks at patient and harvest levels to ensure accurate reporting. You can add customized fields anywhere in a form and include these fields in your analytics at no extra cost. Our analytics engine includes hundreds of high-quality pre-built flash reports from the ACC and STS including the Executive Summary Reports. We also provide a very easy to-use ad hoc analytics designed specifically for clinicians requiring no SQL Query building.

A testament to Cedaron’s success is our strong partnerships with companies such as Cerner, Fuji, IBM/Merge, McKesson, Philips, and others. In addition to a trusted and proven product, Cedaron offers best-in-class support through a 24/7 Customer Success team always willing to assist. Contact info@cedaron.com to become part of the Cedaron family.

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(608) 271-9000


Epic is an award-winning developer of integrated ambulatory and inpatient healthcare software. We provide the information backbone for many of the country’s largest healthcare organizations, linking thousands of concurrent users with a shared source of clinical information as well as integrated access and revenue cycle systems.

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FIGmd Inc.



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Flexible Informatics

1 215 253 8765


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GE Healthcare

(800) 437-1171, option 4 for Cardio Support


GE Healthcare is a global leader in providing solutions for the reliable and efficient acquisition, analysis and management of patient data in healthcare facilities around the world. GE Centricity* Cardiology solution is an innovative cardiac information and image management system which includes an integrated ACC-NCDR submission management module leveraged by customers to integrate registry compliance in their lab workflow. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, GE Healthcare is a unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE). Worldwide, GE Healthcare employees are committed to serving healthcare professionals and their patients in more than 100 countries. For more information about GE Healthcare, visit our website at www.gehealthcare.com. *GE, the GE Monogram and Centricity are trademarks of General Electric Company. 2010 General Electric Company--All rights reserved.

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heartbase is a fully integrated cardiovascular information system which offers state-of-the-art clinical outcomes collection and warehousing, multi-disciplinary imaging, and reporting software. Not only does heartbase deliver straight forward and intuitive software for registry compliance and benchmarking results against national registries, but offers critical benefits such as improved data integrity, optimized workflow, improved data management productivity, and reduced FTE expense. All these factors contribute to higher quality patient care and improved outcomes within your facility.

Uniquely designed as a longitudinal, relational data model, heartbase fuses all patient data, registries and modules into a single database which provides an integrated view of all clinical data and associated events over the life span of the patient.

The database design is patient-driven with the functionality of a procedure-based system and may be customized to capture elements specific to any facility. Patient baseline information is entered once and adapts through registry version updates, additional hospitalizations and procedural encounters.

heartbase is a proven solution which offers versatile and innovative data collection tools, data conversion, and a wide range of reporting options, including statistical analysis and data export capability. Streamline data entry, increase data accuracy and consistency with heartbase interfaces to all hemodynamic monitoring, hospital admitting/discharge/transfer (ADT), inventory and financial systems. Superior technical support and training is an integral part of the heartbase contract.

Built on long term relationships and collegial partnerships with its clients, heartbase has evolved from over 20 years of active collaboration between businesses specializing healthcare solutions and clinicians, biostaticians, and researchers who are recognized leaders in cardiac research.

heartbase is committed to meeting the ever-expanding requirements of hospitals and physicians involved in managed care contracting, research, publication, cost control, government reporting and registry reporting. Installed nationwide, heartbase enables facilities to improve patient care and procedure results.

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Infinitt Healthcare Ltd.



INFINITT, an award-winning developer of Enterprise Imaging solutions, offers a single database Cardiology Suite, RIS/PACS, Mammo PACS, 3D imaging, VNA and Teleradiology solution. INFINITT PACS has been a category leader in Best in KLAS: Software and Services awards, 2009 through 2018.

A global company with more than 5,200 installations in 51 countries, INFINITT provides exceptional customer service and ongoing technology development to ensure our products deliver leading-edge functionality and lasting value. Optional modules include embedded speech recognition, advanced reporting tools, dose management software, physician and patient portals and more. INFINITT systems have been interfaced with all major EMR’s; INFINITT RIS has been certified for Meaningful Use.

INFINITT’s Cardiology Suite includes image management, post-processing, and reporting for Cardiac Catheterization, Echocardiography, Nuclear Medicine, Stress EKG, Resting EKG, Non-Invasive Vascular, PET/CT, Holter, Event Monitoring, Pulmonary Functional Testing, EEG, EMG, and more. A truly integrated solution with all Cardiology and Cardiovascular needs in one dedicated solution.

INFINITT’s certification with the ACC-NCDR CathPCI registry allows for an automated solution within the Cath Lab for electronically storing and submitting CATHPCI data. Fully integrated with the INFINITT Cardiology Suite – it provides all critical data in one place with a much more efficient/streamlined workflow for creation and submission of records.

INFINITT Healthcare Platform (IHP) is a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) solution providing open, standards-based storage and access to image and report data from disparate PACS or siloed storage architectures. It manages both DICOM and non-DICOM data (jpegs, pdf’s, scanned documents, waveforms, etc.) over their life cycle regardless of where the data originated. This solution reduces IT infrastructure complexity and makes it easier to comply with retention policies and security regulations.

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Juniper Consulting Group


CardioTrac is a low-cost, Web-enabled, scalable cardiovascular outcomes application that captures encounter and outcomes information, patient demographics, lab data, and other procedure results for physicians and researchers. CardioTrac delivers timely, accurate, and accessible cardiovascular outcomes data that clinicians use to pinpoint effective treatments.

CardioTrac is both ACC and STS certified and is agile enough to adjust quickly to any updates to these two national registries. Built with the EnterpriseTenFold development platform, CardioTrac flexibly adapts without costly programming. CardioTrac includes ACC and STS reporting, built-in reports and interfaces, and secure Web access for remote clinicians all at one low price.

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Navion Healthcare Solutions



Navion has over 20 years of data and clinical quality management experience. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Navion exists to optimize patient care with its physician and hospital partners. We accomplish this by advancing quality, improving operational performance and reducing costs through our data-driven solutions.

Ncompass CQM software is certified for ACC-NCDR Cath/PCI, ACTION, ICD, and STS-Adult Cardiac Surgery. In addition, Ncompass CQM supports GWTG Stroke and Heart Failure datasets as well as the CMS Inpatient and Outpatient Quality Reporting datasets. Our state of the art web-based software provides easy to use screens which enable our customers to efficiently capture and report registry data. Ncompass CQM provides extensive validation and business process workflow to ensure data quality and seamlessly interfaces with ADT, EMR, and Hemodynamics systems to maximize data integration. Ncompass offers a broad set of self-service standard reports and an ad hoc query user interface enabling even non-technical staff the ability to complete in-depth review of their data.

Navion also provides abstraction services and has over 20 years of experience abstracting clinical data elements. The team expertise encompasses all the CMS indicators and national registries including CMS, ACC, STS, GWTG, and JCAHO. Healthcare Consulting services include service line operational assessments, quality and performance improvement, and cost reduction strategies including supply cost management.

For immediate assistance contact Navion at info@navionhcs.com or visit our website at www.navionhealthcaresolutions.com.

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(603) 294-1145


Q-Centrix aims to measurably improve the quality and safety of patient care through its market-leading technology platform, Q-Apps®, coupled with the industry’s largest and broadest team of nurse-educated, quality information specialists. The Universal Registry Solution manages the entire registry data process from data abstraction to submission. Q-Centrix partners with more than 500 hospitals throughout the U.S., providing quality data management solutions, including abstraction, surveillance, submission, reporting, and analysis.

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Quantros, Inc.



Quantros engineers all products to generate actionable knowledge in real-time. Armed with rapidly accessible information, clinical staff, managers and administrators are empowered to make informed decisions that can save lives, mitigate risk and reduce excess healthcare costs. The Quantros Suite of Solutions® allows you the ability to monitor and track the effectiveness and performance of quality and interventions. Regulatory Reporting Management and Performance Improvement Solution (RRM) Quantros RRM streamlines and simplifies reporting to a growing list of organizations such as JCAHO, CMS and now the ACC-NCDR. RRM reaches far beyond quality reporting requirements and delivers opportunities for improved P4P reimbursement. Automation allows real-time access to performance indicator data so proactive interventions can be enacted rapidly. Safety and Risk Management Solution (SRM) Quantros SRM is a comprehensive event tracking, monitoring and workflow management solution. SRM gathers data so you can identify safety issues and track intervention performance in real time. Everyday, thousands of healthcare professionals use SRM to help manage risk and save lives. Accreditation & Compliance Excellence Solution (ACE) Quantros ACE automates and simplifies manual and burdensome standards compliance self-monitoring activities that are widely prevalent within most healthcare institutions. The Quantros ACE suite of tools allows you to maintain a state of continued readiness to support surprise visits from state, CMS or any other accreditation organization. It also decreases the normally resource-intensive efforts for all accreditation and compliance activities.

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Scientific Software Solutions, Inc.

(434) 293-7661


Since 1995, Scientific Software Solutions, Inc. has been the only company worldwide with a singular focus on software for Congenital Heart Disease.

PedCath, the world standard for congenital cath reporting, is the first commercial application certified by the ACC for data submission to the IMPACT registry. In addition, we are tightly integrated with every major hemodynamic recording system. PedCath not only provides a visual database of all patients that have undergone cardiac catheterization, it now includes every element in the IMPACT data set.

Registry participation is now affordable for institutions with limited time for duplicate data entry. One solution provides intra-departmental, institutional and global data reporting. With PedCath you can automate your diagram editing, hemodynamic calculations, statistical reporting, and document management while collaborating via the new NCDR IMPACT registry. Learn more about PedCath at: www.PedCath.com or call 800-887-5301.

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SoftLink International Inc.

(914) 285-5110


SoftLink International is a technologically acclaimed company for HealthCare IT and Medical Imaging products and offers enterprise class solutions. Founded in 1997, SoftLink enjoys technology partnerships with leading companies in Healthcare, Equipment Manufacturers, Image Processing and IT. SoftLink has been innovating products with extensive R&D and over the years garnered customer base of over 200 plus healthcare institutions globally!

SoftLink focuses on three key areas of healthcare automation : cardiology, radiology and hospital management by providing software products and turnkey solutions for them. It offers end-to-end workflow automation solutions across multiple departments, facilities and even enterprises.

HCP DICOM Net (CVI PACS) and HeartCare Plus (CVIS) are tightly integrated product suites for cardiology addressing needs of cardiac image and information management. The integration of validated QCA and LVA, ECHO and Nuclear Medicine Analysis modules cover entire spectrum of reporting and record keeping as well as address the needs of clinical and diagnostic research.

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