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Harness the Power of Data to Support Patient Care

The AFib Ablation Registry™ is your source for data assessing the prevalence, demographics, management and outcomes of patients undergoing atrial fibrillation (AFib) catheter ablation procedures.

Participating in the registry:

  • Puts data at your fingertips with a robust tool providing actionable, decision-making data on procedures
  • Captures real-time metrics through a comprehensive dashboard allowing you to compare your institution's performance with peer groups and national trends
  • Supports the development of evidence-based data demonstrating procedure success and patient outcomes

The EP Registry suite advantage includes enrollment discounts for the EP Device Implant Registry, so you can expand QI activities for your entire EP lab.

Your participation in the AFib Ablation Registry arms you with the tools to effectively track and manage care for your AFib patients.

  • Resources and clinical toolkits for quality improvement
    • Unlimited online access to proven quality improvement tools, initiatives and more through the ACC Quality Improvement for Institutions program.
      Learn more at https://cvquality.acc.org.

The AFib Ablation Registry is a data source for the facility metrics associated with Clinical Quality process improvement in ACC's Electrophysiology (EP) Accreditation. ACC accreditations are quality improvement programs that examine the processes, policies, and practices aligned with the care of cardiovascular patients. Through adherence to guideline directed medical therapies, processes associated with procedural care, and tracking of key measures for clinical performance, the path to quality improvement is established to ensure patient safety and reduce variance of care. Learn more about EP Accreditation.

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