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Contact Hector Emmanuelli at hemmanuelli@acc.org to learn more about Global Quality Solutions.

Global Quality Solutions – brought to you by the American College of Cardiology, in partnership with ARMUS – is a flexible, quality improvement program for hospitals and health systems in international markets to leverage clinical patient data and measurable outcomes to optimize cardiovascular patient care. Initially, the program will be centered around chest pain and percutaneous coronary intervention procedures, leveraging the ACC’s NCDR Chest Pain – MI Registry and CathPCI Registry.

Global Quality Solutions will offer:

  • Increased efficiency via automated data abstraction ​
  • Benchmarks, real-time dashboards and reporting capabilities for system-wide or site level outcomes analysis
  • Local language (e.g. Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, French)
  • Clinical localization​
  • Opportunities to maximize use of human resource

​ Global Quality Solutions allows your facility to leverage ACC’s quality improvement programs to:

  • Properly map to the technologies available at each hospital, health system or facility – primarily EMRs and hemodynamic systems
  • Assure compliance with local privacy and data protection laws and regulations through appropriate and attainable technology solutions
  • Allow for automatic data abstraction to improve data collection, minimize errors, and detect outliers or missing data

Improve patient care and optimize outcomes through trusted, real-world evidence with Global Quality Solutions. For more information, e-mail Hector Emmanuelli at hemmanuelli@acc.org.

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