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Real World Evidence

Custom analysis of NCDR registry data, done in-house by the ACC, offers a unique opportunity for a broad cross-section of stakeholders to obtain tailored analysis of clinical data from real world populations to more deeply understand issues such as:

  • Adoption and use of medical devices and treatments
  • Quality of care
  • Geographic variations in care
  • The patient landscape
  • Trends and market conditions

Custom Analytics Services Are Used by:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Government agencies
  • Medical specialty societies

Examples of Analysis Include:

  • Using descriptive statistics to answer clinical questions related to patient characteristics, medical therapies, cardiac procedures or event rates.
  • Conducting comparative effectiveness research using real world patient populations
  • Examining adoption and use of treatment options
  • Understanding patterns of care by practitioner type, insurance type and geography
  • Examining influences of treatment selection based on patient characteristics and clinical condition

Learn More:

  • Submit an NCDR Custom Analytics Application. Please note that data extracted and provided for these purposes are not intended for use in abstract presentations, manuscripts in peer-reviewed publications, or other publicly released information.
  • For information on conducting research with NCDR data, visit our Submit a Proposal page.
  • Contact us at ncdr@acc.org for questions about custom analytic services.

NCDR custom analytics meet privacy and security regulations, such as those outlined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and follow appropriate national standards for relationships with industry engagement.

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