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On-Demand Chest Pain Center Certification Training

To meet the flexible needs of each facility, Certification training is conveniently available in an on-demand format. Each pre-recorded training module includes step-by-step guidance to help facilities identify the Essential Components of Certification and to effectively utilize the online Certification tools. The learning objectives of the pre-recorded workshop are found below.

Links to the on-demand training are located in the "Workshop" tab of your Chest Pain Center Certification tool. This pre-recorded workshop is designed for healthcare professionals who intend to take their facility through the Chest Pain Center Certification process. As noted in the Certification tool, it is strongly recommended participants view the on-demand Workshop training prior to beginning the Certification process.

Note:  The Chest Pain Center Certification purchase process (including ACC business agreement and payment for initial year of Certification participation or recurring annual payment) must be completed in order to gain access to the Certification tool and related training. Please contact accreditationinfo@acc.org for more information.

  • Understand the process of certification, including the phases of certification; navigating the online platform; and data requirements
  • Examine the nine key areas in which a facility must demonstrate expertise and validate completion of all mandatory items
  • Examine the available resources within the CPC Certification tool
  • Recognize the importance of a comprehensive and interdisciplinary team-based approach for Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) patients across the care continuum
  • Ensure that guideline-based treatment strategies and risk stratification methods are incorporated into practice
  • Apply process improvement principles to improve efficiency and patient outcomes for all ACS patients
  • Understand how CPC Certification impacts your operating margin by addressing current payment models
  • Discover how certification helps your facility develop a strategic plan
  • The pathophysiology, assessment, treatment, management, and current guideline recommendations for the care of the ACS patient
  • Identify best practices, processes, and procedures related to the care of ACS patient
  • How to leverage your registry data, and turn your data into actionable results
  • How to implement the latest AHA/ACC guidelines and reduce variations in care
  • How to identify the appropriate non-invasive ischemia evaluation modality specific to the patient and test characteristics to improve utilization of resources and minimize cost
  • How to establish interdisciplinary team-based care to ensure all personnel speak the same language and use the most updated policies to reduce risk to the patient, providers, and facility

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