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On-Demand Transcatheter Valve Certification Webinars

Key aspects of Transcatheter Valve Certification and related topics are shared in the webinars presented and are now available as on-demand recordings. Guest physicians or other clinical professionals often serve as co-presenters in these topical webinars.

View Time: 25 minutes

Roadmap to Excellence

Presenter: Misty Theriot, NR, BSN, VCC, CCA, Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, Lake Charles, LA

What's Covered: The Valve Clinic Coordinator for Lakes Charles Memorial Hospital provides an overview of how the first hospital in the U.S. achieved Transcatheter Valve Certification. The objectives of the presentation were to communicate the value of obtaining certification; identifying TAVR program improvements; and recognizing the importance of a site champion. This is a recording of a 2020 ACC Quality Summit presentation.


Introduction to Transcatheter Valve Certification

An overview about Transcatheter Valve Certification and related information is shared in this brief recorded webinar. You are invited to view the webinar to learn more about how the certification pairs with the STS/ACC TVT Registry.



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