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On-Demand Chest Pain Center Accreditation Webinars

Key aspects of Chest Pain Center Accreditation and related topics are shared in the webinars that our Chest Pain Center (CPC) Clinical Product Manager has presented and are now available as on-demand recordings. Guest physicians or other clinical professionals have often served as co-presenters on these topical webinars.

View Time: 11:30 minutes

Presenter: Tracey Blevins, MBA-HM, BSN, RN, AACC, Clinical Product Manager for Chest Pain Center Accreditation

What's Covered: This presentation introduces the new enhancements associated with ACC's Chest Pain Center Accreditation. Learning objectives include: a summary of Essential Components; designation requirements; improved efficiency for data collection and submission, and enhanced features for reaccrediting facilities. An explanation of the yearly payment model is also discussed.

View Time: 36:43 minutes

Presenter: Phillip Levy, MD, MPH, FACC, Wayne State University, Detroit

What's Covered: In this presentation, Dr. Levy discusses key management strategies of chest pain for acute versus non-acute conditions. Through comprehensive assessment and application of latest science, participants will learn to incorporate appropriate care pathways that optimize treatment and outcomes. 

 Note: This video is an excerpt of a presentation delivered by Dr. Levy at ACC Quality Summit 2021.

Presenters: Susan McGowan, Chest Pain Program Coordinator, Texoma Medical Center

Moderator: Keri Morris, Accreditation Clinical Product Manager, American College of Cardiology
What's Covered: In this presentation the Chest Pain Program Coordinator for Texoma Medical Center shares her chest pain program coordinator experience and how the accreditation program strenghthened the culture of process improvement and quality patient care at Texoma MC.

Note: This is a recording of a 2020 ACC Quality Summit presentation

Presenters: Kimberly Crout, Cardiovascular Quality RN and Chest Pain Center Coordinator, and Mouhamad Abdallah, MD, Medical Director Chest Pain Center and Cardiac Cath Lab, Premier Health/Atrium Medical Center

What's Covered: This presentation reveals how Premier Health/Atrium Medical Center implemented High Sensitivity Troponin and the role troponin plays in the contemporary clinical environment.

Note: This is a recording of a 2020 ACC Quality Summit presentation.

What's Covered: This webinar identifies advantageous strategies for transitioning Acute Coronary Syndrome patients out of the hospital and how to optimize post-discharge care. Representatives from Piedmont Newnan Hospital discuss how they built a Medication Delivery Program to: ensure patient medication reconciliation at discharge, eliminate barriers to obtaining medications for use at home, enhance understanding of prescribed medication, and to improve the patient's discharge experience, while anecdotally reducing hospital readmissions.

What's Covered: This webinar presents the importance of building and fostering relationships with EMS and partner referral or receiving centers is essential to the establishment of collaborative STEMI care networks

  • How EMS pre-hospital activation impacts STEMI care and outcomes
  • How important it is to develop solid processes at referral centers that ensure appropriate STEMI care by either lytic therapy or activation of the Cardiac Cath Lab team at the receiving center and transfer of the patient for Primary PCI
  • How to "hardwire" processes for patients who self-present with STEMI

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