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Transcatheter Valve Certification Training

To meet the needs of facility representatives, Certification training is conveniently available in on-demand format. Each pre-recorded training module includes step-by-step guidance to help facility staff identify the Essential Components of Certification and to effectively utilize the online Certification tools. 

Links to the on-demand training are located in the "Workshop" tab of your Transcatheter Valve Certification tool. After viewing the training module(s), we suggest those individuals responsible for their hospital’s Certification program participate in one of the one-hour Question & Answer (Q&A) sessions, scheduled monthly.  

As noted in the Certification tool, it is strongly recommended customers view the on-demand Workshop training prior to beginning the Certification process.


Monthly Transcatheter Valve v1 Certification Q&A Sessions

Click on a date below to register for a Q&A session. After we receive your request, we will send you the specific call-in details associated with the selected Q&A session.

Note: Customers must first complete the Transcatheter Valve Certification purchase process in order to gain access to the Transcatheter Valve Certification tool and related training. Please contact accreditationinfo@acc.org for more information.


Tuesday, August 20, 201910am ET
Tuesday, September 17, 201910am ET
Tuesday, October 15, 201910am ET
Tuesday, November 19, 201910am ET
no Q&A session scheduled for Decemberno Q&A session scheduled for December

Please note: Requests received within two business days prior to the date of any of the monthly Q&A calls may not allow enough time to process the request to participate.

Click here to view the training dates for other accreditation services.

On occasion, ACC may need to change the date and time of a scheduled Q&A session. If any changes are made, all registrants will be informed. Only facilities that have purchased Transcatheter Valve v1 Certification Services are eligible to view the on-demand training modules.

What's Covered?

This training is designed for healthcare professionals who intend to take their facility through the Transcatheter Valve Certification process.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain step-by-step how to apply for certification, access online documents, and complete the application process
  • Examine the key areas in which a facility must demonstrate expertise and validate completion of all mandatory items
  • Gain an understanding of the science of process improvements as a continuous learning and building strategy leading to improved patient care and outcomes for the patient with valvular heart disease
  • Learn about current guideline recommendations
  • Develop an understanding of quality assessment process improvement (QAPI) initiatives that result in enhancement of the care and safety of the transcatheter valve patient utilizing measures derived from NCDR Summary metrics report.
  • Integrate continuous process improvement in care of the transcatheter valve patient
  • Learn about the care coordination for Shared Decision Making (SDM), multidisciplinary teams, infection control, and radiation safety
  • How to access and navigate the resources within the Transcatheter Valve Certification Tool

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