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ACC Accreditation Services provides the resources and know-how that individual hospitals and hospital systems need to reduce the variations in care that delay the early assessment, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Armed with the latest scientific, peer-reviewed guidelines and highly-effective process improvement methods, we stand ready to help healthcare professionals navigate the challenges associated with cardiac patient populations.

Here's a quick glimpse of what happens along the "Pathway to Accreditation" process.

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For questions, please contact customercare@acc.org.


• Purchase or Renew Accreditation Services
• Confirm Participants: Select Executive Sponsor and Form Multi-Disciplinary Team
• Schedule Time for Training
• Manage Required Accreditation Tool Actions


• Perform Gap Analysis
• Target Areas for Improvement
• Build Action Plan and Set Milestones


• Apply Evidence-based Medicine Approach to Process Improvement
• Complete Mandatory Action Items; Consider Recommended and Innovative Items
• Rollout Improvement Strategies and Align Internal Resources


• Apply for Accreditation/Certification
• Schedule Site Evaluation


• Achieve Accreditation/Certification
• Measure Success
• Announce Achievement and Quality Improvements
• Build Upon Reputation for Outstanding Patient Care


• Follow Strategic Recommendations
• Explore Process Improvement Opportunities
• Continue to Optimize Practices for Improved Outcomes
• Implement Continuous Data-driven Decision-Making
• Take Advantage of Educational Opportunities (Attend Quality Summit, etc.)
• Meet Ongoing Accreditation/Certification Criteria

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