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On-Demand Heart Failure Accreditation Training

To meet the needs of facility representatives, accreditation training is conveniently available in on-demand format. Each pre-recorded training workshop module includes step-by-step guidance to help facility staff identify the Essential Components of Accreditation and to effectively utilize the online Accreditation tools. Links to the on-demand workshop modules are located in the "Workshop" tab of the Heart Failure Accreditation tool. Additionally, live webinar Q&A sessions are hosted frequently to compliment and enhance your knowledge of the accreditation process.

It is strongly recommended customers view the on-demand Workshop training prior to beginning the Accreditation process. The pre-recorded workshop modules are designed for healthcare professionals who intend to take their facility through the Heart Failure Accreditation process.

Note: The Heart Failure Accreditation purchase process (including ACC business agreement and payment for initial year of Accreditation participation or recurring annual payment) must be completed in order to gain access to the Accreditation tool and related training. Please contact accreditationinfo@acc.org for more information.

  • Learn how to apply for accreditation, access online documents, and complete the application process
  • Examine the seven key areas in which a facility must demonstrate expertise and validate completion of all mandatory items
  • Learn about the pathophysiology, assessment, treatment, management, and current guideline recommendations
  • Understand the incidence, prevalence, and costs of heart failure
  • Explore how HF Accreditation can impact your Value-based Purchasing score
  • Gain an understanding of the science of process improvement as a continuous learning and building strategy leading to improved patient care and outcomes for heart failure patients
  • Reviewers will share best practices, processes, and procedures related to the care of HF patients
  • Learn how to enter data into the Accreditation Conformance Database (ACD), understand the data, analyze the data, and turn your data into actionable results
  • How having a HF Specialist on staff can increase revenue
  • How HF patients have better outcomes when treated by a HF Specialist
  • How HF Accreditation globally impacts a reduction in mortality
  • Establishing interdisciplinary, team-based care to reduce risk factors and stop variations in care
  • How to prevent CMS penalties and increase total reimbursement using the HF payment model
  • How value-driven care and proper transitions of care help increase reimbursement, decrease risk for remissions and length-of-stay and increase the quality of life
  • Implementing standardized guideline driven medical therapy

Review Pre-Recorded Workshop Training

HF Accreditation Q&A Session Schedule

The Q&A offering is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have formulated after reviewing the workshop modules under the ‘Additional Resources’ tab of your Accreditation/Certification online tool. Questions related to the Accreditation/Certification product, requirements, data pathways, and process will be addressed. There will not be a presentation during the Q&A. You may access previously recorded presentations under the ‘Additional Resources’ tab then ‘A-T-E Sessions’ tab of the tool.
To register for the final 2021 Q&A session, click on the date from the table below. After we receive your request, we will send you the specific call-in details associated with the Q&A session.



Wednesday, November 10, 202110 am Eastern Time

Please note: Requests received within two business days prior to the date of any of the Q&A calls may not allow enough time to process the request to participate. 

On occasion, ACC may need to change the date and time of a scheduled Q&A session. If any changes are made, all registrants will be informed.

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