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Benefits of Accreditation

Key to Changing Culture

A Participant's Perspective

Presenter:  Leesa Wright, CVI Outreach Coordinator at Methodist University Hospital, Memphis
What’s Covered: Gaining physician buy-in and engagement for Accreditation
Note: This video is an excerpt of a presentation delivered at ACC Quality Summit 2021

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The Numerous Benefits of Accreditation:

  • Financial benefits are twofold: Increased volume leads to increased revenue; and Medicare payments to accredited hospitals are maintained due to appropriate patient status placement
  • Accreditation is associated with better performance of CMS core measures for the ACS and HF patient
  • Improves quality outcomes
  • Establishes facilities' commitment to higher standards and gives them a competitive edge
  • Provides processes for timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment
  • Defines risk stratification to ensure appropriate placement of patients based on clinical presentation and initial response to treatment
  • Reduces the liability of missed MIs by using a consistent risk stratification approach for the ACS patient based on research and best practices
  • Improves relationships and integrates processes with EMS and Dispatch Services thus reducing Door-to-Balloon times
  • Breaks down silos, streamlines cross-departmental processes and creates a team approach to treatment
  • Helps facilities identify gaps, measure results, and revise current processes
  • Collects metrics to ensure that processes meet clinical and financial goals
  • Decreases length of stay and improves the bottom line
  • Avoids costs of frequent HF readmissions
  • Helps facilities avoid Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) issues by developing a plan to link quality patient care with RAC strategies, including improved documentation, better risk stratification, and improved processes
  • Demonstrates to the community the facility's commitment and dedication to provide exceptional cardiac care

The accreditation team was fabulous! They were very helpful every step of the way and were eager to offer suggestions on ways to improve patient care. Thank you!!

Cheryl Bailey, Executive Director, Cullman Regional, Cullman, Alabama

Accreditation [with PCI] proves that our standards of care are among the highest in the nation. This accreditation not only involves our own internal protocols for establishing quality care for cardiac patients, it also involves community education, awareness programs, and training of ambulance crews in order to prevent heart attack deaths.

Christopher Paa, MD, Medical Director, Cardiac Program Avera Heart Hospital of South Dakota, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

This [Chest Pain Center] accreditation shows our commitment to providing the highest quality care for our patients. We ensure that patients who are brought in with heart attack symptoms are responded to effectively and efficiently. The emergency department does an extraordinary job treating patients and educating them about their health issues.

Lisa Truman, Vice President of Patient Care Services, Mercy Medical Center, Canton, Ohio

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