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Find Your Heart a Home™ Site Profile Information


There are two scenarios that will prompt the inclusion of a facility's NCDR and ACC Accreditations/Certifications details in the Find Your Heart a Home (FYHAH) tool, which is located on ACC's CardioSmart ® website.

Scenario A: Applies to facilities participating in an NCDR® Registry or ACC Quality Program. If a facility has previously completed the FYHAH Site Profile, the facility's information will be automatically updated to include all ACC Accreditations or Certifications.

Accreditation Site Coordinators are encouraged to work collaboratively with the facility's Registry Site Manager to ensure that the facility's Accreditation/Certification detail is correct as recorded in the Registry Site Profile

Scenario B
: Applies to facilities that do not participate in an NCDR Registry or ACC Quality Program. Accreditation Site Coordinators now have the opportunity to create a FYHAH profile from the respective Accreditation service line tools. The inclusion of earned Accreditations and/or Certifications will be managed as follows:

Step 1:
Accredited/Certified facilities that do not participate in an NCDR Registry or Quality Program, are encouraged to complete the Site Profile in order to populate the FYHAH locator. 

To include Accreditation/Certification detail in your facility's FYHAH profile, follow these instructions:
1) Login
2) Under the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu click on ‘Manage Site Profile’
2) Complete all information and questions
3) Click ‘Save’ 

Once your information is submitted it will be queued for inclusion in the next FYHAH profiles update. 

Step 2
Once Accreditation/Certification detail displays in the FYHAH locator on the CardioSmart website, the facility representative(s) are asked to review the information for accuracy.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Find Your Heart a Home (FYHAH)?
A: FYHAH is a search tool located on ACC’s CardioSmart that highlights participation with ACC and allows patients/consumers to search and compare hospitals. 

Q: How do I update the FYHAH profile if it is incorrect or incomplete?
A: The method for updating the FYHAH profile is based upon your current utilization of ACC's quality improvement offerings.

Scenario A: For facilities participating in both an NCDR Registry or Quality Program which have also earned an ACC Accreditation and/or Certification.
1. Consult with the facility’s NCDR Registry Site Manager to review the information submitted for inclusion in the FYHAH profile. 

  • Go to https://www.ncdr.com/WebNCDR/Login
  • Login using your Participant ID, Username and Password
  • Select a registry
  • Click Administration in the left side navigation
  • Select Site Profile
  • Click the Submit button after completing all required fields

2. If after validating that the submitted information is correct and the FYHAH profile is still inaccurate or incomplete, please contact ncdr@acc.org to report the issue.

Scenario B:For facilities that have earned an ACC Accreditation and/or Certification and do not participate in an NCDR Registry or Quality Program.
1. Review the information submitted via the Accreditation tool Site Profile for accuracy.
2. If after validating that the submitted information is correct, and the FYHAH profile is still inaccurate or incomplete, please use the Contact Us Form to report the issue.

Q: How frequently is FYHAH updated?
A: Updates are generally shown within two business days.

Q: What is the advantage of having ACC Accreditation/Certification information posted on FYHAH?
A: The benefit of including information about your facility’s ACC Accreditations/Certifications on FYHAH are multiple. Chief among these is showcasing the facility’s competencies and capabilities to the local or regional patient populations to demonstrate the commitment to process improvement and quality improvement efforts. 

Q: Who do I contact to discuss this topic further?
• Facilities participating in NCDR and ACC Accreditation Services should email: ncdr@acc.org
• Facilities that only participate in ACC Accreditation Services should use the Contact Us Form

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