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Get Data-Driven Knowledge on Your Pacemaker & Defibrillator Procedures

The EP Device Implant Registry™ gives you the resources you need to implement solutions that provide high-quality care and optimize outcomes for your patients. Participating in the registry is still the most reliable way to ensure your documentation meets current CMS National Coverage Determination requirements and Shared Decision-Making with ICD/CRT-D implantations. Now, you have the option to collect data on pacemaker and/or defibrillator procedures in one registry.

Hospitals & EP Labs Across the U.S. Rely on the EP Device Implant Registry

Since its inception in 2005, the EP Device Implant Registry has been the national standard for guideline-based patient selection, care and outcomes in patients receiving ICD therapy. Now, the expanded EP Device Implant Registry continues to empower EP physicians in their decision making by providing them with nationally benchmarked data on patient care and outcomes. Contact us to get started today.

You can count on these benefits:

  • Appropriate Use Criteria Metrics for ICD/CRT-D implantations
  • The vehicle for tracking and compliance documentation for the current CMS National Coverage Determination requirements
  • Public Reporting to enhance your U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals score and listing on ACC's Find Your Heart a Home website
  • Meets ACC Electrophysiology Accreditation data requirements
  • Professional Level Dashboard allows you to access your data from all NCDR participating facilities via a desktop, mobile device or ACC Professional Data Portfolio app
  • Substantial Savings when you enroll in the EP Registry Suite, which includes the AFib Ablation Registry

Watch this webinar to learn more about Shared-Decision Making and how the EP Device Implant Registry can help!

Check out the 2022 U.S. News & World Report special issue that recognizes the more than 2,000 hospitals participating in NCDR and/or ACC Accreditation Services that are committed to quality and process improvement.

This premier data source and industry standard provides up-to-the-minute information for understanding treatment patterns, clinical outcomes, device safety and overall quality of patient care. The registry identifies opportunity gaps and helps develop solutions to enhance referrals and outcomes now and down the line.

Dashboards with real-time data

  • Robust national benchmarks
  • Comprehensive quality and systems of care measures
  • At-a-glance assessments
  • Patient level drilldown capabilities

On-demand, custom metric comparison reports

  • By state
  • By similar facilities
  • By volume or 3-year trend data

Timely benchmark reports comparing metrics such as

  • Practice patterns
  • Demographics
  • Procedure outcomes
  • AUC and current Guideline recommendations

      The EP Device Implant Registry is designed to arm you not only with the data but also with the tools to effectively track and manage care for your patients – tools developed by physicians especially for you.


      • Documentation platform to meet CMS National Coverage Determination (NCD) requirements for ICD/CRT-D implantation
      • Appropriate Use Criteria app
      • Provider-Level Dashboard

      Quality improvement tools

      Data collection

      • NCDR complimentary online data collection tool or choose from more than ten certified software vendors.
      • Interoperability with electronic health records

      By participating in the EP Device Implant Registry, you get more than just a premier data repository. You also get the full weight of ACC and the NCDR behind you with a host of robust benefits.

      • One-on-one NCDR support from experienced cardiovascular nurses
      • Complimentary registration to the annual ACC Quality Summit
      • Opportunity to participate in voluntary public reporting program to enhance US News & World Report Best Hospitals recognition
      • Listing on ACC’s Find Your Heart a Home website
      • EP Registry Suite Advantage: Substantial savings on AFib Ablation Registry so you can expand QI activities for your entire EP lab

      The EP Device Implant Registry can help you lead the charge for quality patient care at your institution.

      Questions? Contact us at ncdr@acc.org or 800-257-4737.

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