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The COVID-19 Global Conversation Starts with Clinical Data

The COVID-19 Global Conversation Starts with Clinical Data

To inform a clinical path forward and advance the clinical understanding and knowledge of the cardiovascular impact on patients with COVID-19, ACC's NCDR has developed a COVID-19 dataset within the CathPCI Registry and Chest Pain – MI Registry. Hospitals now have the opportunity to provide key insights on the quality of care and outcomes of heart disease in the COVID-19 era.

The data collected in the CathPCI Registry and Chest Pain – MI Registry can be augmented to include this new information to inform how COVID-19 is impacting patient care, treatment strategies and patient outcomes. The registries will accept data on COVID-19 patients from the beginning of the pandemic in the U.S. early this year, giving hospitals the option to enter this data retrospectively or begin data collection now.

Key components of Auxiliary Data Collection for COVID-19 are:

  • Chest Pain – MI Registry and CathPCI Registry participants have the first opportunity to add to the world's growing knowledge of COVID-19 and cardiovascular disease with no new patient inclusion or exclusion criteria.
  • The COVID-19 section is aligned between registries and augments the existing dataset.
  • The COVID-19 section is optional. However, if a hospital opts to complete this dataset, then all patients are expected to be assessed for the initial question of "COVID-19 Status" but only a COVID-19 status of positive or suspected requires that the remaining questions be completed.

Long-term data may support future research on COVID-19, including its effect on specific racial/ethnic and gender groups, and identify where gaps and/or disparities in care exist.

We hope you consider contributing your data to inform this global conversation. Learn more about the CathPCI Registry and Chest Pain – MI Registry today!

Earn MIPS Credit For Submitting COVID-19 Data

Clinicians affiliated with hospitals participating in ACC's CathPCI Registry or Chest Pain – MI Registry may be eligible to earn Improvement Activity credit for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) if the facility submits COVID-19 data for patients in these registries. CMS recently added COVID-19 Clinical Trials (IA_ERP_3) to the list of approved Improvement Activities under the Emergency Response and Preparedness subcategory. This qualifies as a high-weight activity for the Improvement Activity category. MIPS-eligible clinicians who submit COVID-19 data through a clinical data registry collecting COVID-19 data elements, such as the CathPCI Registry or Chest Pain – MI Registry, will fulfill this requirement. Clinicians must participate in an Improvement Activity for a minimum of 90 consecutive days in the calendar year to receive MIPS credit. The last day to start tracking performance data to receive 2020 credit is Oct. 1. Learn more. Additional details also are available from CMS.

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