Quality Improvement for Institutions

Public Reporting Mission Statement

The mission of the voluntary hospital public reporting program is to:

  • Monitor the quality of cardiovascular patient care being provided in a transparent manner.
  • Ensure reporting is based on data that is of high quality, is administered with minimal collection burden as cost-effectively as reasonable, and employs clinically valid and methodologically sound measures.
  • Provide measures that are actionable and consistent with the Triple Aim of better outcomes, better care and lower costs without causing unintended consequences in access to care for any population.
  • Focus on measures that include aspects of care where the patient can be engaged as part of the solution or where there is clear evidence that individual patient risk factors have an effect on the care being provided, so should be understood to the patient.
  • Foster relationships of trust through collaboration between patients and their cardiovascular care team by presenting information that is credible, understandable, and actionable.
  • Empower broader discussions at the community level in improving not only the overall care being provided to individual patients but the health and wellbeing of populations.
  • Enable patients and cardiovascular professionals to advocate for policies at the federal and state level that support achieving the Triple Aim.

This mission in providing open access to information on quality of care is championed by cardiovascular physicians and the members of the care team, including nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians assistants, as an ethical responsibility of the profession.

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