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Data to Answer Cardiology’s Most Critical Questions

The NCDR is well positioned to help researchers examine critical questions on the delivery and outcomes of cardiovascular health care. NCDR’s growing base of hospitals and outpatient practices has resulted in a vast repository of clinical data.

NCDR’s robust datasets hold answers to complex questions related to patient risk factors and outcomes; procedure and treatment trends; guidelines adherence; and device, facility and provider characteristics.

NCDR COVID-19 RESEARCH - The NCDR Management Board approved the formation of a time-limited workgroup in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact the outbreak is having on the delivery of cardiovascular care to patients in the U.S. The workgroup is charged with overseeing strategic research that relates to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on population trends and quality of cardiovascular care for patients across NCDR programs including research related to the care and outcomes of patients with known or suspected COVID-19 identified in the CathPCI or Chest Pain-MI Registries through the optional data module. This research will be derived from the workgroup or will be designated to be completed by other individuals with workgroup oversight. Any externally funded proposals will be reviewed by the workgroup to determine scientific merit and assess for overlap with existing projects. Proposals submitted for NCDR funding will be evaluated by this workgroup to identify individuals with related interests who may be included in strategic proposals overseen by the workgroup. This coordinated approach will permit the most efficient definition of key research priorities and allocation of NCDR research resources. All research efforts approved to move forward will be posted to the NCDR Research website for transparency purposes. COVID-19 proposals will follow the same established "Steps for Submitting a Research Proposal" as non-COVID-19 proposals.

To learn how individuals and organizations can submit hypothesis-driven research requests based on analysis of NCDR data, visit the Submit a Proposal page.

To see abstracts and manuscripts derived from NCDR data, visit the Published Research page.

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For questions about conducting research with NCDR data, send an email to ncdrresearch@acc.org or contact us at 800-257-4737 Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET.

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