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How to Collect Data

Hospital Registries

Participants of NCDR hospital registries can submit data using the following options:

  • NCDR certified software vendor – choose from a list of certified vendors who can facilitate the submission of data to the NCDR on a quarterly basis
  • NCDR compatible data abstraction provider - clinical specialists experienced in data abstraction for NCDR registries
  • Web-based data collection – a complimentary tool provided by the NCDR allows participants to submit data online

For more information about these options, visit the NCDR FAQ page.

Outpatient Registries

Participants of the Diabetes Collaborative Registry and the PINNACLE Registry can submit data using the following options:

  • Electronic health record (EHR) system integration – relevant registry data fields can be extracted from your EHR and transmitted to the PINNACLE Registry secure database
  • Certified PINNACLE Registry EHR – EHR vendors with PINNACLE Registry Submission Certification can export data directly to the PINNACLE Registry secure database
  • Web-based data collection tool – an online data collection tool for non-EHR practices

Find out what each registry collects.

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