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Community Calls & Webinars

Calendar Year 2018 and 2019

The calls and webinars will provide Patient Navigator Program: Focus MI hospitals an opportunity to ask questions and share best practices and lessons learned. While at least one individual from each Navigator team should represent their hospital, we encourage as many members that are able on each Navigator team to participate. ACC Navigator staff and committee members will moderate each call and webinar. All calls and webinars will be archived and posted on the Navigator webpage on the Quality Improvement for Institutions website.

An agenda and dial-in information will be sent prior to each call or webinar.

Diplomat Hospital Community Calls 2019:

  • Community Call 1: Wednesday, April 17th from 12-1pm ET
  • Community Call 2: Wednesday, August 14th from 12-1pm ET
  • Community Call 3: Wednesday, November 13th from 12-1pm ET

National Webinars 2018:

  • Webinar 3: Patient Navigator Program Success
    Wednesday, June 20th from 12-1pm ET
  • Special Webinar: "Next Steps after Opting In"
    Wednesday, August 1st from 12-1pm ET
  • Webinar 4: Spotlight: Cardiac Rehabilitation Best Practices
    Thursday, November 29th from 12-1pm ET
  • National Webinars 2019:

  • Webinar 5: National Webinar #1 What’s in your Toolbox
    Wednesday, February 20th from 12-1pm ET
  • Webinar 6: National Webinar #2 Smart Tactics for Data Collection
    Tuesday, June 4th from 12-1pm ET
  • Webinar 7: National Webinar #3 Integrating a Pharmacist into the Ambulatory Cardiology Setting
    Wednesday, September 25th from 12-1pm ET
  • Webinar 8: Focus MI – National Webinar #4
    Wednesday, December 11th, from 12-1 pm EST

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