Quality Improvement for Institutions

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QI Toolkit

Use the QI Toolkit to...

Learn about QI and the FOCUS-PDSA model

Review this overview of QI and each step of the FOCUS-PDSA model as a valuable approach to regularly assessing and improving the care you provide to your patients.


Assess your knowledge of QI

Step 1: Take the QI Knowledge Quiz to assess your knowledge of QI and the FOCUS-PDSA model.

Step 2: Review the detailed answers and enhance your current QI knowledge.

QI Knowledge Assessment Quiz

QI Knowledge Assessment Answer Key

Review QI with your team 

Customize and share with your team this slide presentation on the FOCUS-PDSA model to get everyone on the same page.

“Quality Improvement in Action” Slide Presentation

Conduct a QI project using the FOCUS-PDSA model

Complete each step of the FOCUS-PDSA model for your QI project using the following worksheets:

Enhance your efforts using the QI Toolbox

Use this Toolbox of common QI methods to support your QI project.

Present and Share Your Project Results

Use these tools to translate your QI project into effective conference abstracts and posters that convey your work, successes, and lessons learned.

QI Abstracts and Posters Tools and Resources

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