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Hospital to Home


The Hospital to Home (H2H) Initiative is a resource for hospitals and cardiovascular care providers committed to improving transitions from hospital to "home" and reduce their risk of federal penalties associated with high readmission rates.


Self-contained improvement projects that include a goal statement, success metrics, a tool kit, an assessment, and 3 webinars (evidence, tools, lessons learned) that provide participants with recommended strategies and tools to achieve small, attainable goals in their organization.

  • See You in 7

    The goal of the H2H SY7 Challenge is for all patients discharged with a diagnosis of HF/AMI to have a follow-up appointment scheduled/cardiac rehab referral made within 7 days of hospital discharge.

  • Mind Your Meds

    The goal of the H2H MM Challenge is for clinicians and patients discharged with a diagnosis of HF/MI to work together and ensure optimal medication management.

  • Signs and Symptoms

    The goal of the H2H S&S Challenge is to activate patients to recognize early warning signs and have a plan to address them.

News And Research

  • Study: Hospitalization risk after Paxlovid treatment

    Research published on the medRxiv preprint server ahead of peer review indicates that the antiviral drug Paxlovid may reduce risk of COVID-19 hospitalization by 45% when given to individuals who have been infected with the coronavirus. Researchers said that while this protection level was lower than the 90% reduction in hospitalization seen in Paxlovid's clinical trials during the Delta wave of infection, the drug's effects against the Omicron variant are still comparable to the effectiveness of Tamiflu to avert hospitalization in flu patients. HealthDay News (6/27) Learn More

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