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Reduce the Risk: PCI Bleed


Claim Your Reduce the Risk: PCI Bleed Participation Certificate

Thank you for participating in Reduce the Risk: PCI Bleed. You will need to report your participation through your MIPS reporting mechanism (i.e., attestation, Qualified Clinical Data Registry [QCDR], Qualified Registry, EHR, CMS Web Interface) using MIPS Activity ID IA_PSPA_30. The last date to begin participation is Oct. 1, 2018! Note: The ACC will NOT submit data on your behalf.

While documentation of an activity is not required to report participation, CMS urges participants to maintain documentation on file for six years. The Reduce the Risk: PCI Bleed certificate can serve as documentation of your participation. You will need to fill out an Attestation Form to show your participation. A certificate will be emailed to you upon completion. 

PLEASE NOTE: You must log into this website in order to access the Attestation Form. Once you log in, you will see a button on this page. Click the button to complete the Attestation Form.

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