Quality Improvement for Institutions

Getting Started With Reduce the Risk: PCI Bleed

Step 1: Opt In

  1. Log into NCDR
  2. Go to your CathPCI Registry home page
  3. Click "Start Here" on the left navigation bar
  4. Opt in!

Note: You will be required to log in using your NCDR user name and password to opt into the program.

You can also opt in via your CathPCI Registry portal under "Start Here" in the left navigation bar. Open the Administration drop-down, then scroll to "Reduce the Risk: PCI Bleed."

Step 2: Build your team

Facilities that join the Reduce the Risk: PCI Bleed Campaign have instant access to a suite of evidence-based tools. Organizing a multidisciplinary team is one of the most important aspects of a quality campaign. Build a team that includes an administrator, physician, nurse, and Cath Lab technicians, that will assist in defining participation goals.

Step 3: Assess and Learn

Hospitals are also strongly encouraged to use the Reduce the Risk: PCI Bleed Facility-Assessment Tool to analyze strengths and identify areas for improvement. All participants have access to regularly-scheduled webinars and a community of experts and like-minded hospitals working to improve bleeding rates and improve outcomes.

Together, you will be working to reduce bleeding adverse events!

Step 4: Improve

Hospitals that join Reduce the Risk: PCI Bleed gain access to a suite of evidence-based tools to help implement best practices to assess patient bleed risk.

A customized Data Dashboard will be available to help hospitals improve their efforts. The online dashboard allows a hospital to not only measure its own success, but also benchmark their progress against other participating hospitals across the country.

For more information, please read the Program Requirements.

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