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Getting Started With Patient Navigator Program: Focus MI

Get Started

Step 1: Join

  1. Log into NCDR
  2. Go to your Chest Pain - MI Registry™ home page
  3. Click “Start Here” on the left navigation bar
  4. Scroll to the bottom and opt in!

Step 2: Assess

Hospitals that join Patient Navigator Program: Focus MI have instant access to a suite of evidence-based, hospital-tested tools designed to help with key tactics, such as organizing a multidisciplinary team  that includes an administrator, physician, and nurse champion, and understanding how to make the most of Chest Pain - MI Registry™ data to monitor and aid implementation efforts.    

Hospitals are also strongly encouraged to use the Patient Navigator Program: Focus MI Self-Assessment Tool to analyze strengths and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, all participants have access to regularly-scheduled webinars and a community of experts and like-minded hospitals working to reduce readmissions and improve AMI patient outcomes. 

Step 3: Use

The Patient Navigator Program: Focus MI includes a specially-designed dashboard that integrates with the Chest Pain - MI Registry™. The online dashboard allows hospitals to not only measure their own success but compare their actions with other participating hospitals across the country. Learn more: 

Read more about program requirements .

Use the Program Management Templates to plan your approach and reassess your progress in the program.

Project Management Templates

Temp Styles

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