Tell your story and submit an abstract today!

The site for submitting a poster abstract for NCDR.17 is now open.  The NCDR Annual Conference is all about unleashing the power of data.  What better way to illustrate this than the telling of real-life success stories! 

Each year NCDR participants submit abstracts detailing stories of changes that they have implemented in their organizations – quality improvement projects, education approaches, innovative processes and research.  These much anticipated posters that are displayed and presented at the conference provide authors with a forum to share their experiences and attendees the inspiration to make similar changes when they return.

Steps for Submitting a Poster Abstract

  1. Learn more about how to prepare an abstract, the selection process, and the evaluation criteria by reviewing the “How to Develop and Submit an NCDR Poster Abstract” annotated PowerPoint which is from a presentation that was given last year.
  2. Review the NCDR.17 Abstract Submission Instructions
  3. Access other tools and resources, e.g., QI Abstracts and Poster Tools and Resources in the Quality Improvement for Institutions' QI Toolkit. For assistance with logging into your Quality Improvement for Institutions account, see tips.
  4. Submit your abstract now but not later than January 13, 2017.
  5. Corresponding and presenting authors need to complete an ACC online disclosure (See abstract submission guidelines).

Examples of Abstracts

The following abstracts were submitted, accepted, and presented as posters at NCDR.16.  The authors have granted permission for the abstracts to be posted on this site.

  1. Reducing Excessive Initial Heparin Dosing in NSTE-ACS patients: A Multidisciplinary Approach. Allison Fike RN, MSN; Parker Adventist Hospital; Parker, Colorado
  2. STEMI Feedback in 30 Seconds or Less. Tiffany Hart, BSN RN, CCCC; The Heart Hospital Baylor Denton; Denton, Texas
  3. The Cath Lab Structured Report: Tool for Comprehensive Physician Documentation. Brenda Springer, RN, BSN; Parkview Regional Medical Center; Fort Wayne, Indiana

How Are Posters Displayed and Recognized?

Each abstract submission will be evaluated by at least 3 reviewers (NCDR physicians and staff) for originality, significance, relevance and presentation. The top three posters and a People's Choice Award winner will be recognized with an NCDR Poster Award on Wednesday March 15 during NCDR.17 in Chicago.

What Was Presented at NCDR.16?

Over fifty outstanding abstracts were accepted for display during NCDR.16. From those, four were selected for demonstrating the most outstanding quality improvement programs. Congratulations to the 2016 Quality Improvement Award winners:

  • 1st Place: Allison Fike from Parker Adventist Hospital; Parker, Colorado.Poster title-Reducing Excessive Initial Heparin Dosing in NSTE-ACS patients: A Multidisciplinary Approach.
  • 2nd Place: Tiffany Hart from Baylor Denton Emergency Department; The Heart Hospital, Denton, Texas. Poster title-STEMI Feedback in 30 Seconds or Less.
  • 3rd Place: Charles Henry Thomas from the University of Washington Medicine; Seattle Washington. Poster title- A Novel and Highly Effective Real-Time Data Analytics Approach for Continuous Quality Improvement in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory.
  • People's Choice: Brenda Springer from Parkerview Health System in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Poster title - The Cath Lab Structured Report: Tool for Comprehensive Physician Documentation.

The NCDR also congratulates the authors of these additional posters accepted and displayed during the 2016 conference. We realize that a great poster takes a lot of hard work and group effort.


If you have questions about posters or the abstract process, please email your question to with the subject line titled “NCDR17 Posters”.