About the Patient Navigator Program

The ACC Patient Navigator Program helps hospitals establish navigator teams to better coordinate care and improve the quality of life for patients diagnosed with acute coronary syndrome, heart attack and heart failure.

Goal: To reduce avoidable hospital readmissions by making hospitalizations less stressful and the recovery period more supportive by implementing evidence-based quality improvement strategies.

How the program works: The ACC will help hospitals establish a care team who will work together to provide personalized support to each patient during their hospital stay and after discharge when they are most vulnerable.

  • Participating hospitals are given funding to establish a program that supports a culture of patient-centered care that can potentially be implemented in other hospitals in the future.
  • Hospitals will establish administrator and physician champions, and navigator team members of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and others.
  • ACC will provide onsite training, tools, online self-assessments and webinars in a structured framework.
  • Participating hospitals will be required to report back to the ACC on specific program metrics.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to be recognized for their efforts by “Sharing their Story” via ACC communication channels.