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Heart Failure — Books, Publications, and Other Resources


The American College of Cardiology publishes several highly-regarded journals, including JACC Heart Failure. Some of the tools and features of the Journals of the American College of Cardiology are only available to subscribers or users with an online account.


CardioSmart is the patient education and empowerment initiative developed by the American College of Cardiology. Included on the web site are great tools for clinicians as well as caregivers and CV patients who want to better understand how to prevent, treat and manage cardiovascular disease.

Clinical Toolkits and Quality Campaigns

From clinical toolkits (such as the Treat HF App) that help you to implement guidelines-based and best practice care to campaigns that target specific gaps in quality by motivating widespread adoption of evidence-based practices, ACC’s quality improvement initiatives are designed to help you establish and achieve important goals for your facility.

Short Stay Management of Acute Heart Failure

The "Short Stay Management of Acute Heart Failure" serves as a roadmap for the treatment of heart failure patients who fall within the Emergency Department and Observation Services level of care. It gives practitioners a full understanding of the medical requirements, administrative processes, and regulatory issues involved in the short stay management of heart failure patients. The book is available for purchase in ebook or hardcover format from Springer.

This essential guide...

  • Features groundbreaking research on short stay management for the heart failure population
  • Contains rich figures and Shared Practices
  • Includes expert insights from authorities across multiple disciplines

This timely book is a road map for defining the care of acute heart failure patients in the short stay or observation unit setting. This book provides an understanding of the diverse medical needs and solutions, administrative processes, and regulatory issues necessary for successful management. In an environment of increasing financial consciousness, medical practice is changing drastically. Short stay care is premier among the new specialties that cater to the complex balance of optimizing patient outcomes while minimizing fiscal burdens.

The observation unit has proven to be an excellent arena for the care of acute heart failure, replete with opportunities to improve both medical management and quality metrics. Unique to the field, Short Stay Management of Acute Heart Failure, Second Edition is the only book of its kind, providing the medical, regulatory, and economic tools necessary to create and implement successful short stay management protocols and units for the care of the heart failure patient.

It is an essential guide for health care professionals and for hospitals and institutions wishing to be recognized as quality heart failure centers as accredited by the American College of Cardiology.

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