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Cardiovascular Care Coordinator Certification (C4)

Cardiovascular Care Coordinator Certification (C4) is a program for coordinators of disease-specific or procedural accreditation programs. It is designed to provide cardiac healthcare professionals with the skills necessary to be a successful Cardiovascular Care Coordinator. The C4 program has been recently redesigned and expanded to meet the professional needs of coordinators.


To apply for re-certification, please note the following:

Anyone who has an expired certification from 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 must now apply for re-certification to keep their C4 Certification active through 12/31/2021. A bundled purchase option allows users to purchase the application and the review course (launched in January) for a discounted price. Plans are currently underway to develop an exam in 2021 that will allow new C4 applicants to certify for the first time.  

The online C4 Review Course is designed to help individuals maintain their current C4 credentials. The course is intended to help site coordinators:

  • Identify accreditation team skill sets
  • Apply project management skills to the accreditation process                  
  • Select proper tools for performance improvement                
  • Analyze reports and apply analysis to the performance improvement process
  • Tailor training to learners’ needs                
  • Define financial management concepts critical to accreditation process
  • Implement effective listening skills
  • Recognize and adapt to different leadership styles            

Learn more about C4 Recertification Continuing Education Recognition Points (CERPs).


For other questions about maintaining certification status or program details, please contact customercare@acc.org.



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