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The members of our governing boards are passionate about winning the fight against cardiovascular disease.

ACC Accreditation Services is governed by the Accreditation Management Board, which reports directly to the ACC Board of Trustees. Current Management Board members include:

Phillip D. Levy, MD, MPH, FACEP, FAHA, FACC

Deepak L. Bhatt, MD, MPH, FACC, FAHA, FSCAl, FESC
Michael C. Kontos, MD, FACC
Steven M. Berkowitz, MD, FACC
David R. Burt, MD, FACC
Robert H. Christenson, PhD, DABCC, FACB
Steven B. Deitelzweig, MD, MMM, SFHM, FACP, FACC, RVT
Deborah B. Diercks, MD, MSc, FACEP, FACC
James McCord, MD, FACC
W. Frank Peacock IV, MD, FACEP, FACC
Michael A. Ross, MD, FACEP, FACC
Gary L. Schaer, MD, FACC, FAHA, FSCAI
David E. Winchester, MD, MS, FACP, FACC
David Lanfear, MD, MS, FACC
Anwar Osborne, MD, MPM, FACEP

Raymond D. Bahr, MD, FACC
Christopher P. Cannon, MD, FACC

The Foundation Board supports future cardiovascular quality initiatives and performance improvement projects that highlight the importance of accreditation. Learn more about the Board’s process improvement project proposal process and application criteria.

J. Douglas Kirk, MD, FACEP, FACC
L. Kristin Newby, MD, MHS, FACC, FAHA

Alpesh Amin, MD, MBA, FACP, SFHM, FACC
Ezra Amsterdam, MD, FACC
John Childs, Esq
Shahriar Dadkhah, MD, MBA, FACP, FACC, FCCP, FSCAI
Chris Ghaemmaghami, MD, FACEP, FACC
Louis G. Graff, IV, MD, FACEP, FACP, FACC
Mary Hand, MSPH, RN, AACC
Timothy Henry, MD, FACC
Drexdal Pratt, CPM

Demonstrate Your Interest in Improved Cardiovascular Care

Learn about funding available for accreditations through the ACC Accreditation Services Foundation Board's Quality Initiative Program.

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