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PINNACLE Registry reports allow you to validate the quality care you provide, benchmark your performance on a national and practice level, and identify opportunities to close gaps in care.

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To generate these reports, data for all relevant patient encounters must be collected and submitted via one of the several data collection options available.

  1. System integration with your existing electronic health record (EHR)

    Practices currently using an EHR can use easy-to-install system integration (SI) software to extract relevant registry data fields from their EHR and transmit them to the PINNACLE Registry secure database. This method works best for practices with their own server-based EHR installations. The SI software is offered in collaboration with our technology partner FIGMD.

    PINNACLE LCW is installed on many different EHR systems, including Allscripts, Cerner, GE Centricity, GEMMS, NextGen, Greenway, Intergy/Sage/Vitera, Amazing Charts, Soapware, and eMDS. If your system is not listed here, please contact ncdr@acc.org or 800-257-4737. New systems are being mapped frequently.

  2. Certified PINNACLE Registry EHR

    Several EHR vendors have obtained PINNACLE Registry submission certification, demonstrating their systems are capable of collecting and exporting clinical data directly to the PINNACLE Registry secure database. This method is most frequently employed for application service provider or cloud-based systems. 

    • Medical Informatics Engineering, Inc. (MIE) is fully certified for data collection and submission. MIE was the first vendor to obtain PINNACLE certification. They offer the WebChart EMR platform with integrated PINNACLE Registry data fields. For more information, visit webchartnow.com.
    • athenahealth is the latest cloud-based vendor to obtain PINNACLE data submission certification.  For more information about athenahealth, visit athenahealth.com.
    • Cerner ASP clients may submit clinical data to the PINNACLE Registry using a standard file transfer format. Contact your Cerner account representative for more information.
    • NextGen is provisionally certified for data collection and data submission. For details on this system, visit nextgen.com .

    If you are currently using an EHR vendor that is not yet certified, you can still participate in the PINNACLE Registry using system integration, as described above. Contact ncdr@acc.org or (800) 257-4737 with any additional questions.

  3. Web-based data collection tool

    A small number of practices, primarily in academic settings, employ the PINNACLE web-based data collection tool. Contact ncdr@acc.org or (800) 257-4737 for more information about this option or to learn more about our Fellowship program offerings.

Get Started Today

When you enroll in the PINNACLE Registry, you will receive a user name and password that will provide access to the PINNACLE Registry participant website where you’ll be able to download the user guide and data collection forms. If you have any questions, contact a PINNACLE Registry team member at ncdr@acc.org or 800-257-4737.

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