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NCDR eReports Corporate

Designed specifically for healthcare consulting companies, private insurers and other healthcare business groups, NCDR eReports Corporate provides users the ability to get a multi-hospital view into the quality of cardiovascular care provided in a specific network of hospitals.

Users can analyze metrics through customizable views of their data by creating custom markets and grouping, while also monitoring the quality of data submitted by hospitals to NCDR in their system.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ability to view facility-level data through a Hospital Level Drill Down
  • Customize the view into your network by creating unique market groupings
  • Get timely data through a Weekly Metric Data Refresh
  • Analyze they quality of data being submitted to the registries through the Data Quality Report

Archived Webinars

  • A Value-based Payment Application Use Case for ACC's eReports Corporate
    Inflated costs in the health care industry and an increasingly competitive marketplace are causing health care payers to evaluate the importance of robust business intelligence. Watch this webinar and hear how Robert Krebbs, Director of Payment Innovation, will share Anthem’s experience using the ACC’s NCDR’s eReports Corporate as a solution supporting the Quality-inSights® Hospital Incentive Program.
  • NCDR eReports Corporate Webinar: Leveraging Cardiovascular Performance Data Across a Network
    Watch this webinar and see what eReports Corporate tool can do for you! As a payer, you can get the assurance that your hospitals are delivering quality cardiovascular care across the board. We’ll walk through our dashboard tool and show you how valuable an enterprise-wide view of your hospitals really is.

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