Getting Started with Surviving MI

The items below will help you get started with Surviving MI.

Surviving MI Overview

Know the Surviving MI Evidence-Based Strategies

Understand the Business Case

Build Your Project

  • Know your 30-day risk adjusted mortality rate on Hospital Compare.
  • Be able to report your in-hospital MI mortality rate (e.g., using NCDR®)
  • Activate your Quality Improvement for Institutions account
  • Confirm your quality improvement team
  • Review the Surviving MI Participation Activity Plan
    • Participate in the webinar and community call series (available now)
    • Complete the online self-assessment (available October 2014)
    • Implement tools and strategies (available October 2014)
    • Share Your Story online
    • Post to the listserv

Download a PDF of the Surviving MI Getting Started Checklist