Hospital to Home

The Hospital to Home (H2H) Initiative is a resource for hospitals and cardiovascular care providers committed to improving transitions from hospital to "home" and reduce their risk of federal penalties associated with high readmission rates.

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Self-contained improvement projects that include a goal statement, success metrics, a tool kit, an assessment, and 3 webinars (evidence, tools, lessons learned) that provide participants with recommended strategies and tools to achieve small, attainable goals in their organization.

  • See You in 7

    The goal of the H2H SY7 Challenge is for all patients discharged with a diagnosis of HF/AMI to have a follow-up appointment scheduled/cardiac rehab referral made within 7 days of hospital discharge.

  • Mind Your Meds

    The goal of the H2H MM Challenge is for clinicians and patients discharged with a diagnosis of HF/MI to work together and ensure optimal medication management.

  • Signs and Symptoms

    The goal of the H2H S&S Challenge is to activate patients to recognize early warning signs and have a plan to address them.

Getting Started

Kick-start H2H at your hospital by utilizing the ”Getting Started Checklist.”

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Interact with others on a listserv who share best practices and lessons learned.

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News And Research

  • Health systems form long-distance relationships for better care

    North Shore-L.I.J. Health System in New York is among those partnering with Ohio-based Cleveland Clinic for cardiac care. The long-distance partnership is part of a national trend in which health systems collaborate over long distances in one area of specialization such as cardiology or orthopedics. The partnerships allow for the sharing of research, protocols and best practices in an effort to improve outcomes, and they enable national, self-insured employers to negotiate prices with specific health systems. Capital New York (8/20)

  • Review: Happy patients mean better health metrics

    Positive patient experience was associated with significant improvements in other health quality measures including medication adherence, clinical outcomes and patient safety, an analysis indicated. The findings were published in Health Care Research and Review. Modern Medicine (8/20)

  • Not everyone benefits from cancer screening, researchers say

    Performing routine cancer screenings on patients near the end of their lives when they are unlikely to benefit from treatment can put them at risk of invasive and potentially harmful procedures, according to research published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Researchers also found some screenings are inappropriate, such as cervical cancer tests for women who have undergone a hysterectomy. Reuters (8/18)

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